What You Can Expect


You can expect a thorough debrief of your energy assessment, which provides you with insight into 14 areas of life. The assessment measures your energetic reaction to stress, enabling you to consciously choose to maintain or modify your reaction. The assessment measures your awareness to level of positive actions you are consciously taking in life. The higher your level of awareness or your E-Factor, the higher your Positive Energy Potential (PEP)

You can expect to enhanced self-awareness

You can expect to gain an understanding of the powerful difference between positive and negative energy thoughts, emotions, and actions.

You can expect to gain the ability to consciously align your internal energy with your external actions taken, creating stronger momentum for success

You can expect to develop your ability to turn positive life experiences into regular occurrence

You can expect to replace your feelings of stress, self-doubt, or guilt for feeling of confidence, certainty, and determination

You can expect to replace your feelings of discouragement, disapproval, and disparagement for drive, dedication, and “stick-2-it-ness”

You can expect to develop an attitude of openness to the potential for positive possibilities in all life experiences

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