Good Morning Ladies,

This is my penultimate day at Lockheed Martin; tomorrow I will be departing for other adventures and I just could not leave without sending you something in tribute to my manager, Zandra Harris.

I have had some ups and downs at Lockheed; some involving other employees, some involving my health. Throughout all, Zandra has been the pinnacle of professionalism. She has always been fair minded, calm and unflappable, and a soothing influence on all involved, especially me.

When I have received praise from engineer customers, she has been the first to acknowledge it to me and to everyone else in our group, as she has with all of us—as I said, she is always fair minded.

When personal problems were at issue, Zandra was the rock that I depended upon. Nothing was ever too much for her not to come up with a solution.

I have never had such a good manager here or at any other company. I have worked as a paralegal at large, prestigious law firms in Center City Philadelphia. I have worked in pharmaceuticals. I have had other experiences in Lockheed as a Tech Writer and a desk-top publisher. Nowhere have I encountered anyone with the compassion coupled with the professional mien that Zandra brings to her job every day.

I just wanted to tell you how much I will miss her and how lucky I was to have had her, and the company is to have her, as a manager. Thank you.