A Message from Dr. Harris

 Life is about choices, change and taking risks. In 2004, I made a conscious choice to make change, took a risk, and quit my job of 24 years, sold my home of 17 years, left my native state and moved to a place where I knew no one. The payoff of the risk was the realization of academic and professional success. Conscious positive choices turned the element of risk into visions of opportunities.
Inherent in the growth process is the risk of taking the first step. P-NRGY Coaching is the enabler for helping to nurture you through the growth process. P-NRGY Coaches partner with you to uncover and bring to life your desires, your dreams, your passion, and your positive, unique self. It only requires you to consciously choose to take the risk of the first step. There is power in consciously choosing to connect with your internal unique positive energy. It will serve as the foundation for visualizing and taking action to achieve your success.
P-NRGY Coaching awaits the opportunity to partner with you.

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